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Product Liability

Product Liability Lawyers New Jersey

Product liability is a complex legal concept. It covers ways for those hurt by a product to get compensation. New Jersey has its own law, the “New Jersey Product Liability Act.” This law lays out three main ways to hold manufacturers responsible: defective design, manufacturing defect, and failure to warn. We understand the complexities surrounding product liability cases and we are here to guide you through your legal journey.

Types of Products Liability Lawsuits

Product problems lead to lawsuits. People want money for getting hurt by broken things. These cases typically fall into three categories:

  • Design Defects:
    These occur when a product’s design poses unreasonable risks to consumers.
    If your home item can catch fire easily because of how it’s made, hurting people, it’s a design issue.
  • Manufacturing Defects:
    When things aren’t made right, it’s a manufacturing problem. It happens if the product doesn’t match how it’s supposed to be made. It could be because of mistakes when putting it together, using bad materials, or not checking quality well. For example, if your car’s airbag doesn’t work because it was made wrong, and if you get hurt in a crash, that’s a manufacturing problem.
  • Marketing/Warning Defects:
    When products do not give enough warnings, it is a marketing problem. If something does not tell you about risks and you get hurt, that is a marketing issue.

Determining Responsibility for Your Injuries

In product cases, figuring out who’s responsible means showing the product was broken when it left your manufacturer’s hands and that caused the harm. This is called strict liability, where you don’t have to prove the maker was careless. You just need to show:
  • The product was broken when it left your manufacturer’s place.
  • You used the product like you were supposed to or in a way that made sense.
  • The broken part caused your injury.

Statute of Limitations for Products Liability Claims

In New Jersey, you usually have two years to file a product claim from when you got hurt or found out about the injury. But there are special cases, so it’s important to talk to a lawyer quickly to make sure you file on time. If you wait too long, you can’t get compensation for your injuries.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Products Liability Claim

Product cases can be hard, especially against big companies with lots of lawyers.
If you have a good lawyer, it can make things fairer and help you get the right amount of money for your injuries. Our team will handle everything for you, investigating the situation and communicating with insurance companies. We always prioritize your best interests.


We are dedicated to helping injured individuals hold negligent parties accountable for their actions and recover the compensation they deserve. If you have been harmed by a defective product, do not hesitate to contact our Product Liability Lawyers for a consultation. Let us fight for justice on your behalf while you focus on your recovery.

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