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Why Choose Affinity Injury Law

We understand that each case is unique. We take a personalized approach for every client and commit to fighting for the best possible results in the best interest of our clients and their families.


We don’t wait for things to happen in your case. We make them happen.


You can lean on us to be a trusted advisor with your best interest in mind.


You can feel safe knowing that you can reach out to us 24/7.

Our Attorneys

Ioana L. Enescu

Ioana L. Enescu, Esq. is a founding member of Affinity Injury Law. A long time New Jersey native and graduate of Rutgers University, she attended Delaware Law School in Wilmington, Delaware for her law degree. While in law school, Ioana was heavily involved with multiple organizations that supported minorities and special interests. The daughter of two physicians, Ioana understands how important it is to advocate on behalf of her clients to ensure that they receive the best care and medical attention that they deserve. Ioana is an immigrant from Romania and speaks Romanian, French, and Spanish. She is excited about supporting the New Jersey community by offering the best possible legal assistance to her clients.

Elina Khutoryansky

Elina Khutoryansky, Esq. is one of the founding members of Affinity Injury Law. A graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, Elina attended Delaware Law School for her law degree before returning to Temple to receive her Masters in Business Administration and an additional Masters Degree. Elina has worked for some of the largest corporations in the United States prior to joining Affinity Injury Law. The daughter of a truck driver, she understands how accidents can alter the life of an entire family. An immigrant from Ukraine, Elina speaks English, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian. She is passionate about trial work and her commitment to her clients.

Michael J. Cavallaro

Michael J. Cavallaro, Esq. is a personal injury attorney with a passion for litigation. He enjoys going to trial to ensure that his clients receive the best possible outcomes in court. Michael lives in Houston and is an active member of the Texas community.




Our Mission

Empowering our clients to seek justice and recover from personal injuries with unwavering dedication, compassion, and legal expertise. Our mission is to provide exceptional advocacy and support to our clients, ensuring they receive fair compensation and the opportunity to rebuild their lives with dignity and peace of mind.