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Dog Bite Lawyers New Jersey

Dog Bite Lawyers New Jersey

We are experts at providing the best legal help to people who have suffered Dog Bites in New Jersey. Our team of dedicated dog bite lawyers knows all the ins and outs of dog bite laws and is driven to get our clients the money they deserve. Here are some essential parts of New Jersey’s dog bite rules, how we handle cases, and what we do best.

New Jersey Dog Bites Law

In New Jersey, dog bites are regulated by specific laws that make sure victims can get money for their injuries. These are the most essential parts of New Jersey’s dog bite laws:


1. Strict Liability: When a dog bites someone, New Jersey has a rule called “strict liability.” In other words, a dog owner is responsible for any harm their dog causes, even if they knew the dog was mean in the past. People who were hurt don’t have to show that the owner was careless or at fault.


2. Location of the Incident: For strict responsibility to apply, the bite must have happened in a public place or while the victim was legally on private property, even if that property belonged to the dog owner.


3. Damages Recoverable: People whose dogs bite can get money to pay for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other damages connected to the bite.

Our Legal Procedures

When we handle dog bite cases, we are careful and put the client first:
  • We start with a free, no-obligation session to learn more about what happened and how you were hurt.
  • Our lawyers examine your case’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a unique legal plan.
  • We do a full investigation to gather all the relevant proof, such as medical reports, witnesses’ statements, and animal control records.
  • Our team prepares and files all the necessary legal paperwork and contacts the insurance companies on your behalf.
  • As hard as we can, we negotiate to find a fair settlement that fully covers your injuries and other losses.
  • If you and the other side can’t agree, we’re ready to go to court and make a solid case to the judge and jury.

Our Specialities

Our lawyers have a lot of experience with dog bite cases, which has helped us learn about New Jersey’s strict liability rules and how to win in court. We prioritize our customers’ needs by keeping communication open and giving them individual attention throughout the legal process. Our history of obtaining significant settlements and customer verdicts proves our ability to get results.

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If you or someone you care about suffered from a Dog Bite in New Jersey, Contact us immediately for an initial consultation, and we will fight for the money you deserve.

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