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Bodily Injury Lawyers New Jersey

Bodily injury liability coverage steps in to cover injuries you are responsible for in a car accident. If someone causes the crash and you are injured, their insurance takes care of your medical costs. Accidents happen, so it is important to know about bodily injury insurance. We help people understand and get legal support after car accidents. We promise to be honest, caring, and professional. We will help you understand the law and make smart choices for your future.

What does bodily injury liability insurance cover?

In New Jersey, bodily injury liability insurance helps if someone gets hurt because of a car crash you caused. It pays for their medical bills, like hospital visits and rehab. If someone dies, it can help with funeral costs too.


If the crash stops someone from working, this insurance can give them money for the wages they missed. Also, if there’s a lawsuit, it can help with the costs of going to court. Basically, this insurance makes sure that people hurt because of your mistake get the money they need to get better.

When should you get bodily liability injury insurance?

In New Jersey, having bodily injury liability insurance is a legal requirement. All drivers must carry at least the minimum coverage mandated by the state. This coverage is super important.


It helps not just the people hurt in a crash, but also the driver. It stops them from losing all their money in a lawsuit. there is a chance someone might take legal action against you for injuries you caused. And it is important. It helps keep your money and things safe. It helps protect your money and things.

How much bodily liability injury insurance do you need?

You should get the smallest bodily injury insurance that your state says you need. In places like New Jersey, where it is a no-fault state, people might still sue you for injuries you caused.


Just buying the least amount of insurance might seem cheaper. But if the person you hurt decides to sue you and they win, or if their costs are more than your insurance covers, you could be in trouble. They might try to take your money or even your wages.


If you hurt someone badly in a crash, and their hospital bills, time off work, and rehab cost $100,000. But if you only have the minimum insurance required in New Jersey, your insurance company will only pay $25,000. The person you hurt might come after you for the rest, which is $75,000.


In 2021, the average payout for bodily injury claims was about $22,734. That is more than the minimum insurance required in New Jersey.


If you have more money than what your insurance covers, think about getting a personal liability umbrella. This insurance adds at least $1 million more coverage. And if you reach the limit on your regular insurance, the umbrella policy will start paying.

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We understand the complexities of bodily injury law and insurance coverage. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated and provide you with expert guidance of auto accidents. We check insurance and fight for fair money for you. We make sure you get the help you should. Call our Bodily Injury Lawyers for personalized legal help just for you. We care about making you feel safe and calm.

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